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Twerking dance of fractal bees. Working class and optimistic energy of being. Sacred geometry forms and sweet aromatic honey. All made with Nature.

We dedicate this composition to working bees who are ready to sacrifice their full strength for the family. From their birth to the end of their lives, they are fully committed to the success and survival of their swarm. Regardless of the role assigned, this striped being is ready to play it throughout his whole life. In addition, the joy of a single bee depends on the blossoming nature and well-being of the entire family. And of course, these little heroes bring the tastiest and healthiest product - sweet honey.

100 % UV-Active / Eco-friendly synthetic fabric fluorescent psychedelic blacklight tapestry.
Active glowing under ultraviolet, blacklight, neon and RGB LED light.
Bright and deep colored in the daylight. Highly detailed precise composition.


Backdrop resistant to any washing, sunlight, rain, snow and dust.
Eco-friendly printing, non-toxic, odorless, suitable for decoration in enclosed spaces

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