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Feel the power of uncondional acceptance and love of the face of the Creator, whose third eye emits a rainbow of light, embodied by winged messengers of joy. It flows, going beyond the canvas, filling the space and gently drawing you into contemplaon.

Lighng your inner stars The circle, as a symbol of infinity, the highest degree of enlightenment and perfecon, idenfies the unity of the inner and outer worlds, their harmony and desire for high energies.


    I painted this picture when, together with my love, we found a small wounded swift under the window. For a whole week we treated and fed the baby. After that, the chick flew away, circling above us goodbye. I felt his power of life and thirst for freedom, so I decided to capture this moment from life on this tapestry

100 % UV-Active / Eco-friendly synthetic fabric fluorescent psychedelic blacklight tapestry.
Active glowing under ultraviolet, blacklight, neon and RGB LED light.
Bright and deep colored in the daylight. Highly detailed precise composition.


Backdrop resistant to any washing, sunlight, rain, snow and dust.
Eco-friendly printing, non-toxic, odorless, suitable for decoration in enclosed spaces

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