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    Tapestry depicting Lord Narasimha.

    Lord Narasimha (man and lion) is one of the manifestations of Lord Vishnu (the One who sustains Life in the Universe). Vishnu appeared on Earth in the guise of Narasimha to protect his devotee Prahlada from the atrocities and abuse of his demonic father Hiranyakashipu. And also in order to show the whole World that He is really in everything and everywhere, that He is omnipresent and permeates all space.

    Vishnu had to take on the form of a man-lion because Prahlada's demonic father had a gift that neither man nor animal could kill him, neither day nor night and with any weapon. And when, being in his palace  Hiranyakashipu, intending to kill his son Prahlada, because He worships Vishnu, and not him, hit the column with a shout "Well, where is Your God! Everywhere ?! and even in this pile of stones ?!" - Narasimha appeared from the column and finished with his atrocities.

    The image of Nrsimha will protect your home, art object or workspace from demonic, negative unrest both from the inside and outside, as it is a symbol of courage and belief in the existence of a world order.

100 % UV-Active / Eco-friendly synthetic fabric fluorescent psychedelic blacklight tapestry.
Active glowing under ultraviolet, blacklight, neon and RGB LED light.
Bright and deep colored in the daylight. Highly detailed precise composition.


Backdrop resistant to any washing, sunlight, rain, snow and dust.
Eco-friendly printing, non-toxic, odorless, suitable for decoration in enclosed spaces

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