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About the muse, carefree and loafers

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

✨Many people think that artists, musicians, writers and other creative people are just idlers.

It is because people muddling the concept of idleness and carelessness.

To activate the creative process in the mind anyone needs to feel absolute carelessness. Otherwise, it's simply impossible to create something, while you are thinking about problems, cares and distracting in small household matters. At least, nothing good will come of it.

That's why muse comes to many creative people just at night. Although in fact, she never leaves you, she is always there, just waiting for you to be absolutely attentive to her.😉

My muse is sitting on the broom. 😇✨

Do you see her too? 😊

She decided to manifest herself. 🌈🙃

Art-camping Potok 2018 Moscow

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