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Kosmos Festival Ristiina Finland 6.-8.7.2018

Cosmos Festival 6.-8.7.2018 Finland.

How we opened the window to Europe 😎☀

We learned about the upcoming festival in Finland just a week before it began. Before that, we have never been to European festivals.

So we had time and fluorescent tapestries from the smallest to the most enormous sizes, as well as an eerie desire to visit this festival, especially since traveling from St. Petersburg to Helsinki is only 5-6 hours. We wrote to the festival organizers about our desire and intention to come and bring a part of our fluorescent art into this magic event. The Cosmos Festival did not take long to wait for an answer and wrote that they would be happy to accept us themselves. We were sent entrance tickets, booking a transfer to the fest and back, and a week later we went to Helsinki with a backpack half full of fractal backdrops.

We were met very cordially. Everything is clear, organized, collected, in the stream, on the positive and pep. Local landscapes like fairy tales, fabulous mossy coniferous forests, a carpet of blueberries, ice forest streams under fern leaves. On the festival territory there are 3 free saunas for everyone. It was pretty cool, I was in a winter jacket for example. Scandinavia. ❄🌴

There were several scenes and a circus under the dome, as well as a fair and a food court, a skate playground, a couple of galleries, as well as tea and various art glades. We should also note the forest decor, which was very much. From branches, moss, snags, bones, stones, crystals. On the live stage, unlike my usual notion of "the live stage" with drums, harps, didgeridums and etc., I chopped only rock, psychedelic rock, heavy metal, hard rock and everything in this style, dudes with havers, electric guitars, dream catchers and bull skulls , Very cool) And coming to Maine felt himself on board a large space ship, which is about to leave for Valhalla. There were also many people in the costumes of forest creatures, elves, fairies and etc., and the Finnish language unfamiliar to us was quite consonant with some elven language. Sometimes we thinked that we are the world of Tolkien. ☀✨

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