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NEW artwork "The Spirit Of Fire. Trilogy. Episode I"

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Premiere! Friends! We present to your attention a NEW fluorescent artwork "The Spirit Of Fire. Trilogy. Episode I".

This is the first composition from our magic trilogy.

"The Spirit Of Fire" is a mysterious moment in time when,after a long meditation on the fire, we meet with the Spirit of Fire surrounded by a coniferous forest. The Fire reveals to us the secrets of the universe, the stories of how He participated in the creation of the World, how with the Wind together he created and destroyed planets, stars and universes.The Spirit tells us how he taught people to cook food, how he brought them a light, how he warmed up lost travelers in the night, how they jumped across it and danced in a round in antiquity and how brothers and sisters were gathering around it with the sounds of djembe and vargan. How it burns in the heart of every living being. He is a kindness, love, warmth ...

Today we launch it into print.

In connection with the first presentation the discount on pre-sale will be 10% up to the 16th of September.

Fluorescent backdrops actively glow in the blacklight, ultraviolet, neon and LED backlight.

High quality printing, fine detailing, 100% durability print. Withstands any washing.

Suitable for indoor use as well as outdoors.

#fluorescent #backdrop #uvactive #tapestry #fractal #psychedelic #visionary #art #visionaryart #psyart #mystery #blacklight #uv

#anahart #design #laboratory #party #decor #lab #psy #deco

• S - 0.8X0.8m - 45 Euro

• M - 1X1m - 59 Euro

• L - 1.5X1.5m - 99 Euro

• M - 2.5X2.5m - 199 Euro

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