Seconds to Dawn

- How much time do we have? she asked timidly, slowly twisting her thin striped fingers in spirals. in the air for a long time remained a rainbow trail from her long multi-colored nails.

“I don’t know… a second before dawn.” - and a star flashed brightly over the ultramarine surface, as if flickering in time with the fat bass coming from the sky. It seemed as if the most gigantic subwoofer in the universe was mounted in the sky and today the best bass jockey is performing, if I could say so.

- about. a whole second! it's almost an eternity here. Her smile stretched from sunset to the first laser beams millions of miles away. A flock of multi-colored swifts flew under bright orange clouds, they took on various bizarre geometric shapes that sometimes I even forgot that they were birds. It felt like I was in the center of an enormous beating heart.

- eternity .. but what is eternity?

You can't explain in a second. it takes a whole infinity to somehow try to explain what this Eternity is ... and even after that, few understand - and countless of her large deep eyes began to merge into one river and flow down like waterfalls into a beautiful misty lemon-colored valley under the predawn clouds.

- Hey, what are you doing? are you crying?

I'm not crying, it's just time passing by..

— heh, well, at least in some ways our worlds are similar

— eh… there are no our or your worlds. all this is only YOU, one. there is no other reality for you now, except this one, in which you are at the moment, here and now. this dream is now your only reality. it's your dream, it's only in your head. everything created here is only your Consciousness. everything that you see around you is the fruit of your Imagination and Me, your Fantasy. There is none of this, as they say, in fact. But at the same time, there is. Indeed, in itself such a phenomenon as a dream exists. Right? This means that everything that is in a dream also exists. It simply does not exist by itself, separately. Separate from sleep or separate from you, it doesn't matter. Everything is you. It’s just that in the world where you find yourself in a second, it’s not customary to think like that. Therefore, in a couple of seconds after the Awakening, you will completely forget me, and yourself, and everything that we talked about here.

- Fantasy .. So that's what you are! I've often thought about how you look. Is this your real face?

- Giggle. Absolutely yes and absolutely no. At the moment my real and only one. But I am constantly changing. For example, now I am a black spider that spins webs from your thoughts. But it is obvious that soon I will become a white widow, because you will leave me literally in a moment ... Oh, how hard is the expectation of inevitability! but tomorrow I might be a blueberry bush, or a purple pineapple, or a strawberry field, or maybe even that lemon mist that you like best around here. Right? — We enjoyed this moment for a long time, looking at the crystal clouds emerging from the yellow haze and inhaling citrus notes like cotton candy.

- Right! Great mist...

- Oh, right! Tomorrow! You will walk in it, you will dance in this fog, you will breathe it. I will fill all your lungs, all your insides, and so we will finally merge into one, like this river of Time ... but for now, for now? Time to sleep or get up. To whom where. As our prince says, go and clean up your planet... There is your road to Babylon, run, it's already the second call.

“Road to Babylon - Dub FX” came out of the phone, the first beats, I open my eyes. cool alarm clock. good morning World! how are you here without me?

Thanks for reading! This is story about this blacklight backdrop

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