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    Tapestry depicting the Goddess Saraswati.

Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the purest embodiment of all knowledge: arts, sciences, crafts and craftsmanship. A source of creativity, beauty, poetry and music. The better half of the Creator of the Universe (Lord Brahma).

    She is depicted sitting on a peacock throne in a lotus flower or on a white swan - a symbol of the Forces of Light. She holds a musical instrument in her hands - guilt. That is why she is the patroness of all musicians and singers, as well as artists and writers.

Her image in your home or workplace will have a beneficial effect on creative and mental processes, while simultaneously clearing the space itself from negative and dark energies. And daily meditations of contemplation will lead to the harmonization of your inner I, harmony with yourself and the World around you.

100 % UV-Active / Eco-friendly synthetic fabric fluorescent psychedelic blacklight tapestry.
Active glowing under ultraviolet, blacklight, neon and RGB LED light.
Bright and deep colored in the daylight. Highly detailed precise composition.


Backdrop resistant to any washing, sunlight, rain, snow and dust.
Eco-friendly printing, non-toxic, odorless, suitable for decoration in enclosed spaces

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